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Welcome to Estate Edge where our goal is
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We guide you through the process of making a Last Will and Testament, completing a Durable Power of Attorney for financial and health care purposes, and implementing other important estate planning documents.  Our goal is to make the process not only convenient, but also affordable.  Traditional “hourly rate” estate planning services provided by lawyers can be expensive and meeting with a lawyer takes time out of your busy schedule.  So Estate Edge was developed with you in mind - your needs, on your schedule, and within your budget.

Our commitment is to deliver our law-related service without compromise.  Our documents are not “dumbed down” simply to place them “online” to be used for all persons in every situation.  Our plans have been developed by an experienced Washington estate planning lawyer and are constantly updated to reflect current changes in the law and planning techniques.       

Estate Edge makes estate planning convenient so you can get back to living your life and focusing on what matters most. 

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Feel secure about your plan for the future. Be prepared in case of an accident or illness.

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Estate planning is as simple as answering a few questions. Get started preparing today.

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Hiring a lawyer to put together an estate plan can be costly. Use Estate Edge to save money.

This site provides the delivery of law-related services and is not intended to substitute for consultation with an attorney. We cannot provide to you specific legal advice or services, nor does use of this site afford you the protections of the client-lawyer relationship. While we do not share your information with any person or entity, we honor and abide by the applicable Washington Rules of Professional Conduct. Your use of this site and of the law-related services provided herein is our evidence of your knowledge of and agreement to the scope of the services we provide.

No matter where you are at in life, it's important to plan for the future,
for your family and for yourself.

We begin by looking at your present life situation and then guide you through the decision making process of making out your Last Will and related estate planning documents.  You may work through completing your estate plan on one visit, or come back to our platform to add to your estate plan at a later date.  Once you have completed the information needed for each element of your estate plan, we then guide you through the check-out process.  Our staff will prepare your estate plan and electronically deliver the same to you along with signing and other instructions.  If we need clarification on the information you have provided us, then an Estate Edge representative will contact you.

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