Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Estate Edge right for me?

Estate Edge is a law related service company that provides basic estate planning services and is not a law firm.  Estate Edge is not a substitute for legal advice.  We provide general information relevant to your life circumstances and help guide you through the decision-making process.   Our Estate Edge representatives are available to answer general questions to better help you through the process of completing your estate plan, but are strictly prohibited from providing you any specific legal advice. 

When do I need to hire an estate planning lawyer?

Some things in life can present challenges and often require hiring a competent licensed lawyer.  For example, if you are married and you and your spouse each have one or more children from a prior marriage, then arranging an appropriate estate plan can be difficult and it may be in your best interest to obtain the advice of a competent licensed estate planning lawyer.  If you have significant assets and desire to make special gifts of certain assets to individuals named in your Last Will, or desire to create special trusts for the benefit of a spouse or other family members, then we encourage you to obtain the advice of a competent estate planning lawyer. 

What benefit is there to hiring a lawyer?

When you hire an estate planning lawyer, you are seeking, obtaining, and paying for specific guidance directed to your situation.  A competent estate planning lawyer acts as a guide to plan and protect your interests within the scope of law.  Estate Edge only offers law-related services, we cannot and do not provide to you that type of legal assistance customarily performed by a lawyer. 

Does the value of my estate impact my ability to use the Estate Edge law-related service?

If the value of your estate exceeds the current Washington estate tax threshold of $2,129,000.00, then you are encouraged to obtain the services of a competent estate planning lawyer to help define and implement an estate plan to address your potential estate tax issues. Our Estate Edge platform is not designed to provide conventional estate tax planning Wills for individuals. 

Do I have to be a resident of the state of Washington to use the Estate Edge law-related service?

Yes.  Presently, Estate Edge only provides law-related services to individuals who are residents of the state of Washington, and have reached the legal age of majority (age 18 years).   

When do I need to consider changing my Estate Edge plan?

Life changes with time and so will your estate planning needs.  If your initial plan was developed when you were single and you have since married, then you will need to consider revising your estate plan to reflect that change.  The birth of a child may necessitate a change to your estate plan.  Our goal is to be here for you as those changes occur.

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